Sunday, March 8, 2009

What was I thinking...

Have you every decided to to take on a project and then wonder what were you thinking ? Well I am among the ones that do just that.

I have this little piece of furniture and I am not really sure what you would call it. It's  something that my sister gave me. Something she didn't want, and told me I could throw it out if I wanted to. It really is more like an end table then anything else. After years of abuse it's really ugly, but I decided I can "fix that"!

I mean come on... it was worth something once upon a time... and it can be again.. Right ? We throw away things rather then try and redo, remake , or refinish. So I decided that I could make this into something bran new... Something "Pretty". Little did I know how much work it would turn into.



 It has one drawer. Notice all the missing nob's? Pretty ugly huh? Well I tackled this last night and it's a wonder I can even type today. I am sanding it by hand. My hands or wondering if I have lost my mind today.


DSCN0307 Talk about work.! My problem is this: What do I do after I finish sanding it? Do I stain it or do I paint it? I actually think staining it is the way to go, but this means a lot more sanding. So there you have it. Today I will be up to my ears in dust and wondering what I was thinking. For someone with C.O.D. this is not an easy challenge. I want it done RIGHT and I want it done NOW! I will post pictures later of the finished product. Trust me.. it will be much, much later.. Have a great Day!

In over my head  Simply_Me


  1. paint and antique is what I'd have fun doing.

    50/50 elmers glue dry.
    pant cream on top.

    this saves you from having to sand it all off.

    Gonna be nice!

  2. *paint

    not pant..your already doing that ;)

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see this! I do the same! I always get in over my head with revamping things!

  4. I LOVE paint! And you could do so much with that little table. You could paint it a whimsical color like a Robin's Egg Blue and put it in a hall or bathroom. Red, black or white are always good basic colors to go in a den or bedroom.

    Paint! Paint! Paint! And if you hate it? Just sand it again and start over (yeah, easy for me to say :D )

    I can't wait to see what you decided to do.

  5. I am notorious for breaking out a can of "spray paint" at a moments notice. I will spray paint anything.

    I was going to suggest that till I read you like to do things right! LOL!



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