Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This morning my son lightly knocks on my bedroom door, "Mom are you up? Yes... What's up. "Stephanie is really tired. Could you watch the baby for awhile so she can get so sleep?" Do you see this as a problem for a MaMaw? So baby M and I got to spend a few hours together. No sharing with anyone else ( you know who you are! ) lol

Now as sweet as he is, he is not trained to do tricks yet. I spent time watching him and all he did was sleep, eat, poop and  make grunting sounds. Exciting huh ? He is my grandson, so I know he does this better then the other babies ! After napping for awhile, and two diaper changes, I gave him a bottle and he is snug as a bug in MaMaw's bed. The next thing is to grab a camera and click a picture to show everyone that I still know how to diaper, feed and burp this little bundle and send him off to dreamland once again. Ok. I admit, the picture was for my own benefit.

Baby M will be two weeks old tomorrow!


How could a day start any better then holding a newborn. I know that he will soon come to know my voice and later will have one of those heartbreaking smiles that will make MaMaw want to  do silly things just to see that smile once more. I'm going to hide my camera during those moments so my kids can't prove to what extremes I will go "just to see him smile"  and how foolish I will look . Only God can give a gift this wonderful, and I thank him each day...

Simply _ me (MaMaw)


  1. Oh that baby is so sweet... I wish this was a smell-o-blog, I lurrve the smell of newborns!

  2. what a beautiful baby, congratulations, babies are such a gift, a snuggle with a new baby is my favorite thing!!!



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