Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Simple Plan

I read this online today and thought I would share it with you. As women we are always working to loose a few lbs. I thought to myself this is simple enough that even a "granny" could try it. I am sure that if I will just get off this chair and follow this plan, I can loose a few of the lbs I am always unhappy about. I actually have to throw in a little honesty here.. I will not be able to give up "soda's.. but I can cut back. I can't do the squats cause these old knees of mine will be screaming at me. As for the push up's who's gonna be around to pick my face up off the floor? Trust me, I will be doing this in private, with the door locked. As for the food part, I know I need to eat healthy. Why do unhealthy foods taste so much better ? On the + side this can work. Doing something is better then doing nothing at all, and wishing that the extra lbs would just disappear... I could post my food and exercise  journal online  so that I could see what I am really doing. At this moment it would be short. It's afternoon here and today my exercise has been laying or sitting. My food intake includes A pepsi, healthy huh...

A Simple Plan to Lose Weight By Gabrielle Reece

A lot of people send comments to me looking for a simple starting point to losing weight. We all know that it has to do with lifestyle (eating, exercise, and attitude). You can go online and read countless articles on how do that.

Rather than making it too difficult, I thought it would be a fun idea to create an easy program with guidelines anyone can follow. So here is a basic program to help you get started. I realize a lot of you know this information already, but for those of you who really desire to find that beginning, let's go!

And don't forget, you need to have a plan. This means writing down your physical activities, and keeping a food journal.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

- 3 sets of 10-15 squats using your body weight

- 3 sets of 10-15 sit ups on a stability ball

- 3 sets of 10 push ups (go on your knees if you have too)

- 3 sets of side skater lunges, 8 per side

- 3 sets of 10-12 bicep to shoulder press using 2 to 10 pound dumbbells.

Remember only do what feels safe and go as low in each move as you can. Only use the amount of weight and perform the number of reps that reflect your fitness level. It's not a competition.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Get out there and walk, bike, swim or any other activity that you can handle for 20-45 minutes. Do your best to safely break a sweat and if you can only go for 15 minutes, so be it. Just get moving. You can always increase your time as the weeks go on.

Today is a rest day. Now if Sunday is a better day to train, then rest on another day. Create a schedule that works for you.

I'm not going to tell you what to eat I'm just going to begin by giving you a few pointers.

  • Keep a food journal. That means write down everything you eat and drink during your day. Try to not eat a heavy dinner or eat too late.
  • Eat only until you are full (for most of us that is about eating half of the food we already consume). If you need to, just get it off your plate right away.
  • Don't wait to eat until you're starving. This leads to overeating.
  • Always carry a healthy snack to help you get to the next meal: handful of almonds, some fruit, or even a mini sandwich. No snack foods (chips, candy, fast food, fries, cookies, etc.).
  • Only drink water and your beloved coffee without all the other ingredients that turn it into a milkshake. This means no juices or sodas of any kind.
  • Choose your one night to have alcohol if you must, and it's better to have wine rather than beer or sugary cocktails (mojitos and martinis with sexy names).
  • Don't nuke it! Make your food yourself.
  • If you are feeling really motivated, then avoid food made of wheat (pasta, bread, and all baked goods of course). Be mindful that sugar and wheat can really impact your body weight.
  • On Sunday, eat what you want. ( I am so going to love Sundays) This is not a license to go crazy -- this just means that you can relax, and get that much more fired up for Monday.

The beginning is always the toughest time, but if you are serious about wanting to make a change, this is a really simple way to do that. Lets stop talking about change and begin making it happen today.

Go get 'em and good luck.


  1. okay, i'm going to go for it, it does sound simple...i think with sunday to look forward to, i can manage it....i always said calories consumed on a sunday don't count, this just proves me right... lol....

  2. very encouraging! and I bet you can do this!

    I've already kicked the soda's and chi tea and my diet is getting that much better since I start walking/ if I can just get healed quickly I could probley drop these unwanted lbs.
    I bet you will too!

  3. OK! But when I get stuck on the floor with the ball up my rump, it's you I going to call! LOL



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