Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother hen...

As some of you might know, my youngest daughter is having some surgery today. Her older sister had this done years ago. After three kids she was finally able to get her husband to agree to it . She is having a breast reduction. Now I am not sure what the hold out on this was other the it's  "a man thing". Why would he not won't her to have it done ? The "girls will look bran new"! Anyway I couldn't be with her today because I had to work all night. You know how us mothers are. I have been waking up looking at the clock every hour waiting to hear something. Finally I called her older sister and got an update. She went in late and is still in surgery. After hearing this my panic level when down a few degrees. With this said I am posting a picture that is sure to make her laugh when she is once again at home. and back to her blogging. P.S. he loves you

 What goes around comes around.


Signed a worry mother hen, Simply_me

Update : after 3 hours of surgery she is in recovery and the Dr said every thing went well. Now this mother hen can stop worrying.. Thank you GOD !


  1. I'm glad everything went well....wishing a speedy recovery xxxx

  2. Thankful that all went well!

    Oh that cartoon! How cute!



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