Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What’s up

Kinda hard keeping my word about blogging when there is so much happening.

Sis has been in the hospital. So between that and trying to work. I’ve been pretty busy…

But today… I got a new sofa … man is it nice. I just wish I had time to set on it. I’m trying to get things really cleaned up around here. Ya know the kind of clean where ya pull something out and think : Why am I keeping this ???? Well let me tell you the trash men are going to know I cleaned house. Which brings me back to Sis. We are the odd couple. I clean and toss. She hangs onto things thinking she will find some use for them. I took down and put away all the xmas stuff. She put the tree on the back patio. That was the extent of her helping. Today I went out on the back patio and guess what ?? The xmas tree is still setting there !What is she thinking, that we can use it next year ?

My point is this. there are many things about others that bother us. I have to stop and remind myself that  there are things about me that drive my sis nuts. So we call it even and adjust to what makes each other tick… it’s all about being who we are. I’m who I am suppose to be and so is she…..


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relax, tomorrow is another day

Astrology - Today's Taurus Horoscope

Here is your Today's Taurus Horoscope

Progress is tough today, so don't get too frustrated if you end up not far from where you started. If you can just blow off the day entirely, you might get a lot more out of just relaxing.

Now you may wonder why I posted my horoscope..

After reading how my day has gone you will understand. I now think I need to listen to what is being said.

Today is wet and cold. We, my sis and I decided to order pizza, you know the kind they bring to the house. How smart is that, we don’t have to go anywhere . I liked this idea….8458F00Z

I decided to order online, not a problem. There would be a 35 to 45 min wait. I can live with this, I won’t starve before then. The doorbell rings and “Yeah”, it’s time to eat. The girl handed me a ticket. I looked at it and it was the wrong price. They hadn’t charged me enough. I’m honest and tell her of the mistake. Turns out she had given me the wrong ticket. With this resolved . I close the door and head to the kitchen. I’m just a min away from heaven or so I thought. I open up the pizza box and took a bit ( I’m starving !) It was then that I realized this is not the pizza I ordered. Not real happy after waiting for 45 mins.

Did I mention that I also ordered cheese bread sticks ? I opened up the box and I had cinnamon bread  with marinara sauce to dip it in. #*%^$%# Get the pictures ?

Someone was fixing to get a ugly phone call. It’s just wrong to mess up a order that bad. I called, ask to speak to the manager. I’m not messing around here.

After explaining what had taken place with a perfectly good  order that had gotten all jacked up, I was asked if I wanted another order to replace the one I had gotten. Do I want to wait 45 more mins ? I think not ! In the end I was given a credit for another pizza and bread sticks. Did I eat the pizza? Well yes, but I just couldn’t talk myself into dipping cinnamon bread into the marinara sauce.

I think it’s time to blow it off and relax !


Did ya really think I was dead ?

I’m back ! I know you thought my feet were sticking up out of the dirt ! Well guess again. I got sidetracked with everything that has been going on.. At my age I get sidetracked  often.

Where to start.. I went to Key West on vacation. I had never been there and it is a lovely place… but unless you are younger and into bars and drinking there really is not a lot to do there. After  a week I was ready to head home. You get tired of shopping and drinking after awhile and so it was back to reality.

My son , grandbaby & his girlfriend moved out.. I now have a daughter in law and a new granddaughter, Yes, we had a wedding this fall. I can’t believe that baby will soon be a year old !


Christmas 2009            

         A good looking family

What else has been pushing my buttons around here ?  Well my oldest daughter was in a car accident . She rolled her SUV. It was totaled . She had her angles watching out for her. Thank god she was not seriously hurt. Not a great way to get you hands on a new car.

I worked Christmas so the family all got together on New Years day to start the year out right. We had a great time…  now with all the Christmas stuff stored for another year, I am getting things cleaned up around here and cleaning the carpets. So there ya have 6 mos history shorted a bit. I will do my best to keep things on track and check by more often.

My hope is that you are all doing well and that the new year will bring lots of laughs and happiness your way…   Simply_me

Quote of the Day:
Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.

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