Sunday, March 22, 2009

A pictures that really is worth a thousand words...

I'm going  to make  this short and sweet today.  I think this picture says it all and there is little I can add to it..........


We have to find a cure to insure our daughters , grand daughters and great grand daughters don't have to fight this battle, and that my friends is my thought for today...  a hopeful Simply_me

Quote of the Day:

"Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God."


  1. what an incredible picture, and it is one of the best ways of getting a message over, i do the race for life for cancer every year, it is amazing to see so many women come together and raise money for a good cause, it is always a party atmosphere and sooo much don't even have to run much!!!

  2. This is powerful! So cute and straight to the point! Love it!



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