Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's on your mind today ?

It has been a really interesting week to say the least. I have been working in a drug rehab for 9 years. Most of the nine years I have worked the night shift. (6:30 pm till 7 am) That my friend is a long time. I get paid extra to work nights. They call if differential pay. In the nine years the differential pay has never gone up, but the cost of living has. I am up for my yearly raise this mo and it just so happen that one of the girls that works days was leaving.

I got an e-mail from my boss asking me if I would like to take the day shift. Notice I said I got an e-mail. One of the advantages of working nights is that you don't have to deal with "bosses".  I e-mail her back and said thanks but no thanks. It would mean taking a pay cut because of the differential pay. She replied with an "ok, I will offer it to someone else." I stayed over Tuesday morning to meet with my boss to get my yearly evaluation  and a raise if I was lucky. Well my evaluation went well and she told me she was putting in for the max pay raise. Sweet was my thought ! She then hit me with the moving to the day shift again. I explained that it didn't make sense to take a step down the ladder just to be able to work days. She told me to think about it and she would get back to me. Also keep in mind, I work Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights. This would mean that I would be working Thursday , Friday and Sat days. Why would I want to work every weekend and for less money ?

When I went back to work last night there was another e-mail from .. you guessed it "the boss" I haven't talk to her this much in the past year! It seems that she went to the "powers that be" and the anti went up. I would be making the same as I was ( before the raise ) because they decided to go ahead and pay me the differential pay. Now here is the kicker, I have to decided is it worth it to me. I'm not talking money now. I will have to put up with a # of bosses now, and I will be working with different people as well. I still will be making less  by taking this shift. If I stay on the night shift , I still have the raise I earned and the differential pay. So you see , I really have to give this some thought. I say they need to put it on paper, because I once agreed to something like this and after I made the change they came back and said "sorry we can't give you more money.... and now you know What's on my mind this morning. Time to give it a rest  and get some sleep. I will toss it around and decide later.  After nine years it might be time for a change, or maybe not....Life was so simple before E-mail !


Quote of the Day:
Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

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  1. when it comes down to'll go with your gut feeling.




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