Thursday, March 19, 2009

A done deal

Well I took the leap. I am now a day time worker. My SO said now I can have a normal life.. My question is who gets to decide what normal is ? I thought I was normal. Working nights is "normal" for me. Going to a day shift will be abnormal for awhile. Stop and think,  do you climb into your bed every night and sleep? I don't. This will take some getting use to. I will still be working 12 hours shift, but they will be switched around. Some people said to me, " you will have to deal with all the bosses now". DUH, if you are doing your job that shouldn't be a problem. All in all I think it is a good move for me. Did you know that research says that working nights takes 10% off your life span. Hey I am on borrowed time now and I think I will hang onto that 10 % ! I am still working nights at this point, but will be going to days by next mo. I am actually looking forward to seeing more daylight and less darkness! So with this said I am off to plan how I am going to use the extra 10 % of my life.. Here's hoping you are in a happy place today!


Quote of the Day:
Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his own image.


  1. sigh...I wish I could be as brave as you. I have less than 3 years to live LOL!

    Seriously though, my mind and body have told me for a few years now I need to do day shift...but how do I change when I've been working nights since 1982?

    You will have to keep us (me) posted on how it goes.


  2. Its a readjustment, but well done...maybe normal isn't the right word, but you'll find the world a whole new place LOL!!!!



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