Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flying high...

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What would you name as a symbol of your childhood ? Keep in mind this is March. Do kite's happen to come to mind? Chicago, may be the windy city, but it has nothing on Austin Texas in March ! I loved getting a kite as a child. It was hours of fun, unless it got caught in a tree or power lined or on top of someone's house.

The city of Austin just had  it's 81st annual Zilker Park Kite Festival . The festival began in 1929 and is now the longest running such event in the United States. The park is packed with "Big" and little kids flying their kites.  Small kites, big Kites.. bigger Kites  and the biggest  kites. This is a combined with family, food and fun for all.

Taking you back in time...Remember your first kite ?


There were good things and bad things about flying a kite when I was a kid. You see I had siblings. One older and one younger. So guess who was the one that got to hold on to the kite, and run, and run, and run.with it. When at last the kite was flying high, do you think that I got to actually fly it? Not without a fight! Now the good part was that my dad worked for the electric co. If we got a kite caught in a tree, rooftop or anywhere well above our heads, dad would become our hero once again. Dad not only worked for the electric co, but he had  a boom truck, with a big bucket. Oh the rides he use to give us and all the kids that suddenly became our friends.

So with this said I am now on a mission. I need to find some kites for my grand kids. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Sunshine exercise and fun all rolled into one. The good news is that I wouldn't have to run with the kite anymore. I will hand over the kites to Mom and Dad and with luck I  will get to watch while others do the work !

Quote of the Day:
A thing is not necessarily true because badly uttered, nor false because spoken magnificently.

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  1. how did I miss this post?

    I love kites..and why hasn't this happened yet?



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