Monday, March 23, 2009

A fashion Statement..

I always wondered what to do with the purse's I had grown tired of, now I know.....

bag hat

I am running right out and getting a pair of these shoes to match

the hat


Nothing like walking around for 12 hours on pencils.

I just don't get it..I have watched fashion shows on TV while scratching my head and wondering where do people wear these clothes.

I'm a blue jean kinda gal. I do like dressing up for special occasions. My ideal of dressing up doesn't include items that will have people looking at me like I have lost my mind. Why would I want to advertise that fact?  I try and keep it under wraps. ( family member only are aware of this.) And by the way, were do you find the kind of clothing you see on Fashion runways ? I know Wal _ Mart doesn't have the corner on that market. Heck, I even go to the high $$$ stores sense the kids are grown up and still can't find this "fashion" stuff.  J C Penny's and I are good friends  these days! While I am on this subject, why is it the more you spend the smaller size you can get? Come on we all know that if we buy a size 10 in a high $$$ store, it would be a size 14 in the stores we can afford.

So in closing I say:  go to the resale shop,  buy a couple of small items. Cut the tags out and sew them into you  jeans, top or dresses. The next time you are feeling that water weight thing, put on the "smaller" items and wear a smile the rest of the day.

Just a little fashion help from Simply_me


P. S.  If you are looking for a new hat. I have several.. keep in mind they may have lipstick or ink marks in and on them  and any change you find in the hat must be returned to the original  owner!

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