Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surprise !!!

How do I start... some days you get surprised with things that are not so pleasant, and then once in awhile you are blown away with a surprise that you never saw coming. A surprise of the "pleasant" kind.

Today started out like most every day. I'd had a bad headache for several days and was slow getting up today. The phone rings and it's my dd from San Antonio telling me she would be at my house in 5 min's. I'm like '" I've  not even dressed yet !" She was coming down to see baby M and her sister that just had surgery. I jump into some clothes and she walks into the door. She and I sat and visited for a bit while we waited for my son and the baby to show up.

"Mom, you have a birthday coming up in a couple of MOS. I have decided you can pick between two things I want to get you. You can pick between an touch ipod or a flat screen TV. My mouth fell open !' "You're kidding, I can't let you spend that much money."Mom you can either pick the one you want or I will just go buy one or the other. " Now I have to tell you  after picking my mouth up off the floor I had to decide between the two. It took a bit of thought. An ipod would be cool. I could download music, movies and all that. A flat screen TV would be wonderful in my bedroom ... Why do I have to pick ????

Well I did pick one, and I am enjoying it tonight. It's not even my birthday yet, but she wanted to go ahead and get it while she was here.

So what  did I pick??????

Can you guess??????????

huh huh huh...?????????



Sweet huh ! I am so blessed to have  such great kids! They are always finding ways to amaze me. Today they were all here with the grand kids enjoying my new TV right along with me. Because I am a Twilight fan the first movie we watch today was "TWILIGHT" which hit the stores at midnight last night.

I still want an ipod, but when I thought about it, I knew that I would use this more and others could enjoy it right along with me.

Note to my SO : When you show up next weekend I might let you watch it if you don't hog the remote!

Some surprises come out of the blue and blow your socks off. This was one of those days. God is very good to me  and I need to keep that in mind when I am having a day with surprises that aren't  so nice.

I hope you are feeling blessed today !  Simply_me


  1. What a nice gift..not surprised she never blinks when spending on others!

    It was a nice day to hang out all together..doesn't happen often but really doesn't have to cause we all just pick up where we left off..cause we're cool like that.

    Love ya!

  2. That is so sweet. It is wonderful to have such great children!

    I have visited P S He Loves You's blog and was blessed to have done so.

    Happy Early Birthday to you!

  3. Note from SO
    I cant wait to watch NASCAR on that!! wow congrats baby nice and yes you have some great kids even if they didnt buy you presents lol
    I guess im on the hook for the IPod lol love ya honey



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