Friday, April 3, 2009


Ok.. I might need to clear something up here. In my last post there were comments that lead me to believe that some of you thought I just got a 1 year chip. The letter I posted was a letter sent to the rehab where I have worked for the last 9 years. I don’t think they give out chips to Rehab employees unless they are in recovery. Which reminds of my first year working in a detox unit. Pt’s would come up to me and ask “ Are you in recovery?” I have to admit I actually felt bad and out of place when I told them no. Would they now think I was a closet drinker or a weekend drugieeeeee..  Will they question and probe until they find out what I am hiding. Will they soon know that I spend hours alone in my addiction?


I do have an addiction that I can admit to. If you are reading this you may find that we have something in common… Are you ready to face your addiction ? I myself am not ready for rehab and will openly admit that I don’t won’t to find “the cure” . I enjoy being a “Blogaholic”




  1. and if they start a rehab..I'm gonna protest!


  2. LOL...I didn't think it was you, I may need to join the group for the other addiction group though, my names sally and I'm a blogaholic...

  3. NO I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! Don't you wish you had a quarter for every time you have heard that! Rehab work is fun! LOL

  4. My name is Debra and I am a Blogaholic. There I've completed step one. Please inform me as to when and where the next "BA" meeting will be! LOL!

    Somehow I missed reading your previous post, but I will look it up right now.



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