Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sad but True


I don’t need more wrinkles!! Why is it the older you get the harder it is to get in and out of a bathtub ? Ohhh I so remember the days of taking a tall glass of soda and a book into the bathroom. Locking the door.. filling the tub with bubbles and climbing in. I will admit, I wasn’t the best Mom. I sometimes …ok.. most of the time yelled at them to go away when they came knocking on the door every 5 min’s. I Wasn’t ready to face them yet. Come to think of it, I wasn’t ready to face anything. I wanted to escape  from my reality.. Free time.. my time. Now if I take a bath.. I need a tow truck to get me out ,and I have to press my birthday suit after I dry it..  So between life and the hot  baths the wrinkles are adding up fast. Did I mention I have come up with a new game for old folks? It’s kinda sexy actually..  you can spend hours doing it.. it’s called…. CONNECT THE AGE SPOTS >>.. Sometimes life is just so not fair!     Simply_Me


  1. LOL...yep! I used to take abook and escape to the bathroom...but being a mum means never having a bath without having a little person on the other side of the door suddenly desperate to use the toilet....no matter if you checked first that no one needed to go, no matter that you have another bathroom...they need that one NOW!!!!

    I tend to wait unitl the dead of night, when everyones asleep, also that way my husband doesn't get too scared at my post bath wrinkly body...probably wouldn't see his arse for dust!!!!

    p.s....not age spots....beauty spots...freckles at worst!!!!LOL!

  2. pam you are just to funny, and i can sympathize with you as i am older, i had one rule in my house when the kids were growing up DON"T TOUCH the shower curtain, and have a seat on the throne since you are not going to leave me alone,,we didn't have child proof locks in those days



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