Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I didn’t do it !

Ok for those of you that have a warped sense of humor.. How would you feel about getting even with a friend.. husband… brother , sister.. or just about anyone ???  This is so the way to do it….

I can just see it now.. someone trying to open up something from their desktop and nothing works.. how about rebooting… or running a virus scan… or  spyware.. .. it would drive me nuts… I would be freaking out !!! What the @*$& is wrong with my computer ??????

Ok.. I have to admit.. this is really wicked.. but now and then getting even calls for wicked measures…  

Actually I tried this but couldn’t seem to copy the desk top icons and put them in the folder as he said.

So this is how I did it. First I went to paint and made a copy of my desk top, as he instructed. I saved it in my pictures as background. Then I made a new folder on my desktop and moved the desktop icons into it and put the folder in my documents. I then right clicked on my desk top went  to properties….click on desktop…browse ,and found the picture..  hit apply and ok… it worked.This way I didn’t have to delete anything and all I had to do was reset the desktop background and open the folder I had put my icons in and put them back on the desktop. I think I may get my sons girlfriend to help me pull this off on his new computer.I am sooooooo Bad. I will get her to take some pictures, and post it later. If I am still alive afterwards!

                                     Simply “a little wicked “_me

The Quote of the day comes from me SO. He said this to me last night. When you read it you will know why after 8 years he holds my heart in his hands…..

Quote of the Day:

You make loving you fun.

How sweet is that !!!!!!


  1. I may try this on Michael..although he would just end up calling me to fix really where's the fun in that?!

    I would love to do it on a puter guru...fu or my sis!

  2. I love the sneaky side of you! I would fear the payback for this one!



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