Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Armed and Dangerous…..

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After talking to several people I decided to take action. I have thought for a long time that I was paying to much for car insurance. I should have done something a long time ago. I had been with my insurance  co for over 7 years and I hate making changes. If something works why fix it? It was no longer working for me. In these times we need to do all that we can to cut cost and live better. I have been  thinking lately about getting a new car. Two more payments and the one I have will be paid off, but do I really need a “new” one? The one I have runs fine and I have taken good care of it. When it is paid for that will mean extra money each mo. I was talking to someone the other day and he said “ this is not the time to owe anything.” I believe he is right. A new car is not something I have to have. So with this in mind I started thinking how can I cut more corners. When my sweetie came to see me a few weeks ago we got on line and did some price comparisons. I found that I was paying way to much on my car  insurance. I got some quotes, armed myself to do battle and headed to my insurance co.

I walked in and told them I needed to talk to someone about my insurance. I set down pulled out  a quote that I had gotten, and told them “ You need to either meet this, beat this, or I am going to have to change insurance co.” I wasn’t ugly. I just said that I wanted to stay with them, but I needed them to play fair. I was giving them a chance to fix it before I checked out and moved on. She took a look and said, “Yes I see why you feel that you are paying to much.” DUH!! After doing some checking and making a few adjustments she came up with a payment of $46 less a mo. (and this is with the same coverage people.) How long had I been paying to much because I didn’t question it, and just paid it each mo?

Listen up… they will not call you, write you, or e-mail you that you might be paying to much. They will just keep taking your money “GLADLY” each mo. Money in their pockets and out of yours. $46 a mo adds up to$552 a year savings. So if you think you are paying to much for a service, do some checking. Arm yourself with knowledge and stand up and be heard. Otherwise, you will find that you will just keep complaining and nothing will change.  With what I will be saving by paying off my car and the cut in my insurance, I can actually put away a nice chunk of money each mo.

Cutting corners suddenly has a great appeal  to me, and I know I will be looking at other ways .. Did I mentions that I also went to vonage and cut my phone bill in 1/2. I am not sure what will be next.. but I will keep looking…

Quote of the Day:
Penny’s soon add up to dimes when saved


  1. We were paying so much a month for car insurance because of a 'few' tickets. We called Geico and -no kidding- they dropped our bill $350.00 A MONTH! (That shows how much we were paying before)I think I should try out for one of their commercials!
    Yay for saving money!



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