Monday, April 27, 2009

Share the Love

This is a tag I did on my sister’s blog. She is new to blogging and it would be wonderful if you all would go over and show her some love. A Day In The Life

I am tagging this blog. No it is not my blog but my sister’s. I just want to say how proud I am, that she now has 10 mo’s of doing the right thing. This is the sister that I almost lost to  alcohol. She knows she has no control over drinking except by the grace of GOD and caring friends and family. We won’t give “up” on her. We won’t let her give up on herself. She has to do the “deal” or die.. Letting her kill herself by drinking is not an option in our minds. SIs, just remember on the “bad days”, you have seen much worse! We all have bad days and you now know there are better ways to handle them than in a bottle. Count your Blessings and not your problems. Problems are soon forgotten but blessing are always a reminder of how good life is..  Simply_me   your big sister


  1. THANK YOU pam...i need all the help i can hope it can help turn, don't ya think/ I LOVE YOU...SIS..



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