Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Maid is Blogging...

I was looking at a blog today and the captions was "What's On Your Desk?" There was a picture of a lovely desk and a list of things that were on the desk. I took a look at my desk and wanted to go hide somewhere.. ewwwwwwww It looks like a tornado hit it. So in order to get my desk clean up I should take a before and after picture and post it. I could simply lie to you and tell you everything is in order and live with the guilt. I really think the best thing to do is clean up the mess and have you all believe that I am a standard to follow !! "NOT"

Having said that, I will finish this post with a "post" clean desk and a list of what is left in the aftermath.... brb


TA DA!!!

I have one lamp

A tiny, tiny coffee cup w/ my name on it

A phone w/vonage phone connector 

An oil lamp w/ bath and body oils

Post it and a pen

One coaster, cause I normally have a soda on hand.

I have my desktop computer & speakers.

I have a wireless connector for my lap top (which is in the bag )

An incense burner

Last but not least my "Valentines Bear" that came with flowers.

I had a big desk that was solid oak, but it took up so much room that after a number of years I just downsized. So there ya have it "MY SPECIAL CORNER" So my question to you is, "What's on your desk?"

PS.. Maybe I should do the same for for the rest of the house.. like what's on your bathroom counter, your bed, your kitchen counter, your coffee table, your floors, your shelves. Ohhh the list grows longer. This truly makes you take a look around and realize that blogging may be what you enjoy, but cleaning can only be left to itself for so long. Did I tell you I have a maid, and that would be.. Simply_ me

Quote of the Day:
Women like silent men. They think they're listening.



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