Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a ride..

Just a quick post cause I am way past tired. I worked last night. I go into  work @ 6:30 pm and get off @ 7 am. As noted before, I work in the detox unit of a drug rehab. The old saying "Never A dull moment" applies.

I spent last night @ the ER with one of our pt's. She was in bad shape. After doing all we could do it was decided to send her to the ER. The Charge Nurse decided we would just get one of our drivers and take her there, instead of calling for someone to come and get her. I went  on a ride that lasted all night. While on our way there the pt decided she didn't want to be in the car. She was doing all she could to get out of a moving car. All I could do was hold on to her and pray that she didn't get the door open. I was picturing myself being unemployed if she jumped. Not a good prospect. To make a long story short, I was at the hospital all night with her. They decided to admit her, but when they found out that I would not be there to baby sit her if they did, they suddenly were without a room to put her in. This enabled them to make sure I stayed. It was a very long night of battling a pt that didn't know her name , much less where she was. The good news is that she won't remember a thing. With a little sleep I will also recover.. and now I am off to dreamland... Hugs & ZZZZzzzzz  Simply_me


  1. What a story!! Glad that the long day is over.

    LOVE your header!

  2. Well Pam, looks like we have a little something in common. Night shift nurses on the detox unit. My night was not nearly as exciting as yours, but as you know, there is never a lack of drama in detox, and there is always a "bad night" waiting just around the corner! LOL! So I am thankful it was quiet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back to visit yours, hope you sleep well today. And maybe if I can turn this computer off, I'll be getting some sleep myself!

    Blessings, peace, all good



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