Monday, February 16, 2009

My Little Rose Grows UP..

With a new baby arriving in 4 days.. count them 4 days ! It made me think of my last baby. Of course I am to old to be having babies, I am talking about my grand babies. The last to arrive was Sissy. Time flies, it's hard to believe she will be 4 next mo. (notice the 4 again, as in... 4 Days!) 

I remember her Mama not being happy at all when she found out she was having another baby, because she had just had Trooper. Trooper was my 4th  ( there's the 4 again, giggling .. as in 4 days) grandson . The only saving grace in having another child so soon, was  that this time it was a girl ! This was the first and only grand daughter. Needless to say she is the "Little Rose w/ Thorns" in our family. Note: I didn't say horns cause after all she is "my" grand daughter. I laughingly say this because she gives all the boys a run for their money. She is a girly- girl by nature, but the boys can't seem to get one up on her no matter how they try. After all, she is the "baby" of the family ( for 4 more days.. sorry I had to say it ).  remembering back on this little bundle of "pink" I put together a picture.

Sissy grows up

As Sissy grows

I just love this picture of her and her daddy. My Little Rose is no longer a baby, and that brings me be back to  counting down the "4 days" until I am once again holding a small bundle wrapped in blue.

Is it not amazing how empty arms are once again filled with the birth of a child. My x mother - in - law once said "Having a grandchild is like having your own again," for once she got something right, only it's even better !  I hope you are bless with the love of children.. even the "teenage kind" lol.... Simply_Me


  1. How wonderful! a new grandbaby to love and cherish! How quickly time goes by...too quickly these days. Hope and pray all will go well.

  2. I hope you don't mind..that I plan to hold your grandbaby first..HA!...OK Ok..maybe not. Can't wait till THURSDAY!

  3. there is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby they smell good at least till they load thier diapers, we all can't wait to see baby miles



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