Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gifts from the heart

Copy (2) of Jewelry

While trying to come up with something, "special" for a Valentines blog, and driving to work, this came on the Radio. "Are you looking for that special gift for Valentine’s? Stop in at Young's Jewelry and Gun Shop. We will throw in a free box of ammo." I am not "pulling your leg," that is the name of a store here in town (only in Texas). Depending on how your honey feels about you on Valentines you might get a "pair of $ 99 stud earrings or a bullet. Scary huh ? If my guys shops there, I sure don't wanna piss him off in the next few days.

While I am thinking of Valentines Day here are a few more thoughts that crossed my mind. How many have been disappointed that your guy didn't get you what you wanted or forgot, or didn't seem to put any real thought into your gift. Come on admit it, we have all been there. Today a light went off in my head, and I am going to share it with you.

How do we measure love?

My guy hangs up a new ceiling fan in my bedroom because I needed one. He fixes the dryer so I don't have to take the laundry somewhere to dry. He put a new shelf in the bathroom because I asked him to. He checks under the hood of my car often and gets me new tires because he cares about my safety. He cooks me dinner now and then or takes me out to eat. He goes to see a movie that I pick because he knows it's what I really want to see. He gives me hugs when he knows I am upset. These are just a few of the gifts I have been given all year long. He doesn’t wait till Valentines Day to show me his love. He makes me laugh, smile and yes there are those moments when I want to go to "Young's Jewelry and Gun Shop", and not for stud earrings, but we hang in there! So go easy on those guys that don't seem to get the Valentine's thing. Look back and recall all that he does during the year and know that he does these things because he "Loves" you, not just on Valentines Day, but all year long. Grin & Hugs Simply_me

My Funny Little Valentine

Quote of the Day:

"True love stories never have endings."    




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