Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Abused Emp..


Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do. Take this morning. After a long night at work I am getting ready to head home. One of the pt's comes in and yells at me telling me I am mean and spiteful. My replacement laughed as she walked out the door. The pt then comes back in and tells me it's not funny. I told her I didn't laugh and she started in on me again. I am wondering if she knew my children when they were teenagers ?  They called me names behind my back many times. The reason for this yelling spree, she was told that she needed to get out of bed and go get breakfast. Now I am feeling like the abused emp. Sigh.. She had been in the unit for 5 days and was getting a bit to comfortable. It was decided that she needed to go eat breakfast in the cafeteria like everyone else instead of having breakfast brought to her.  Opps sorry, some of you may not know that I work in a detox unit of a drug rehab.

Ya know I understand that these people need special care, but at some point they need to get with the program. Most are willing to jump in, but there are those that want to prolong it as long as possible. While I am driving  home I am thinking, where did I go wrong. I decide, I didn't go wrong. She did. She is the one with the problem and I am the one trying to help. Sometimes, it feels like I am trying to raise kids again. Tonight I will go back and she will be there. Will I get  a repeat performance, or will someone stept up and tell her to get with the program. Who knows, but I will go back because this is what I do. I know these people need help, even when they don't understand that the things we do, will help them to live a better life...

Sorry, this was on my mind and I had to put it on my "paper"!

Simply _a tired me

Quote of the Day:
There should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire.


  1. Sorry momma..I know this is your least favorite part of the job..maybe she will come to realize your not the enemy..just the help-her.

  2. I have to remind myself all the time, I am to love the unlovable (Matthew 5:46) this helps me to get through some of those really difficult nights.

    Sometimes you can feel like you are the most despised person in the world, because after all, your a nurse on a detox unit, full of addicts, with the keys to the kingdom (narcotic box) in your pocket.

    I not only feel your pain, but have lived it since 1994...your reward comes in seeing the few that actually make it...what joy!

    Blessings my friend...sleep well and hopefully tonight will be better. As for me I am off tonight, I too, left behind a rather difficult and challenging group this morning!

  3. Thanks Pam for the calling card, I appreciate it.



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