Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's on your mind...


America the new money eating monster. It seems the harder I work the less I have in the bank. I just don't get it. One day the bills are getting paid and there is a little left over. Today we are all working to pay off loans our country is making and wondering how we are going to pay our own bills. What happen ? It all started with us trying to get away from a country that was taxing it's people to death.

Here we are once more handing over our hard earn money to promote programs most of us will never use or wanted in the first place. How do we stop the bleeding???

Well I for one would like to be able to spend the money I make and not give up a large % for people that are to lazy to earn their own. Don't get me wrong, I understand there are those that are unable to work and need help. How many people are getting a chunk of the money that I worked hard to earn just because they think that taking a job that pays less is below their standards? In my book taking a job that puts money in your pocket is better then having your hand in someone else's pocket.

I know people are getting laid off every day, but I also know there are jobs to be found. I would hate to be looking for a job, but I would bust my butt, even if I had to scrub floors rather then sit back and expect others to take care of me. We need to learn to take care of our "NEEDS &  not our "WANTS".

Sure, I want a new car, but the one I have now runs fine. I want a larger screen Tv, but I can see the one I have now and it's paid for. I want to fly away on a nice vacation, but I can stay here and enjoy my family and my home and save $$$$. The "want's" in my life or not things that I really "need". 

Unless we as a nation start taking care of ourselves instead of expecting others to take care of us we will not be leaving much to our children when we pass on.

And that my friends is  SIMPLY_ME  with something on her mind that she had to say. Wow I feel so much better now ! lol

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  1. well said mamaw! now why don't you get a seat in congress I'd vote for U! See you tonight for Grey'S?

    Making enchilada's will bring some if you won't when I bring Steph and Miles hm.



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