Thursday, February 19, 2009

A letter to my body..

Today I want to know what happen to the curves that use to slide into the small jeans ? When did you and I stop being friends ? You and I use to get along so well, now I take a look in the mirror and you are there sadly shaking your head. You know this doesn't set well with me!

You seem to think that a grandmother has a image to maintain and you and I disagree on that image. Is this your idea of a joke ? Where did these winkles come from ? One day I am wrinkle free and the next I am a grandmother  and "BAM" there they are. Why do you insists on making things hurt that I didn't even know I owned ? And what's up with the hair growing on my chin ewwwwwwwww ! You  are really pushing the wrong buttons with me.

What happen to the woman that use to be able to stay up all night ? Now she can't wait for the news to end so she can turn off the lights. We need to talk about all the things I use to be able to eat and not have to worry about what they were going to do to us. Now we spend the day in the bathroom or wish we have so let me down !

Do you now laugh when someone refers to us as the "older woman and offers us the Sr price on a not so happy meal? I really think your sense of humor is out of line. What's up with the children telling us not to worry they will take care of us in the near future? Will depends be the next thing you share with me.... oh you and I will no longer be on speaking terms at the rate things are going ! They say friends stick together no matter what happens, but today I am thinking we may longer be friends. So be very careful at the next little surprise you have in store for me. Sad but true you and I have come a long ways together, but today I have decided that I need to pick my friends better!  Sign: Simply _ me

Quote of the Day:
Light travels faster than sound so some people appear bright until you hear them speak



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