Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wolf Pack

For you Twilight fans : Meet the wolf Pack

'Twilight' movie photo captures heat of Native American 'wolf pack'


Twilight Saga: New Moon," the second movie in Stephenie Meyer's romantic vampire series.

Four buff Native Americans who play the wolf pack gaze out at the camera.
In the film, scheduled to be released Nov. 20, the wolf pack defends humans against vampires although they have a tribal history intricately entwined with "Twilight's" hero vampire Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and his family.
The promotional image introduces four wolf pack members, portrayed by Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier.

"They had to have papers that proved their heritage," director Chris Weitz told USA Today. "And they had to be in good physical shape."
The Twilight sequel is filming now, and between takes, the actors usually are working out with barbells, doing push-ups or chowing down on steak, Weitz says.
Among wolf-pack job requirements: the ability to work half-naked no matter the weather. (Meyer wrote that the body temp for a wolf-pack member is a steady 108 degrees.)
"It's not pleasant for the actors," Weitz told USA Today. "But they have all been good-natured," Weitz said. "They show up on location in drenching, cold rain, and I say, 'OK, off with the robes.' "

I want to see how they will produce a movie out of book #4 !!!!

PS: I have run into a few wolves in my life.. married one are two even. In my younger days I was howling at to moon! Now I just find myself waiting for the moon to come up so I can go to sleep !                             Simply_me

Quote of the Day:

"If your desk isn't cluttered, you probably aren't doing your job."


  1. that picture makes me want to HOOOOWL~!


  2. p.s. and i, too, want to see how in the world they can make a movie out of #4 with Reneesme!!



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