Monday, June 1, 2009

OUCH #%*#%*

I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog. Here is a recap of what I have been up to besides working. We had two giant oak trees in the back yard that died. I hated it but it was time to cut them down before they fell and did some real damage. This weekend some guys cut them down and today I started the clean up. The back yard is really big and has lots of trees. It was time to Trim them, rake limbs and leaf’s and do some planting. There are bare spots that need to be replanted with grass. Lucky for us we have had some rain and the burn ban is off so the brush can be burnt and doesn’t have to be hauled off.


This is just a little of the brush that had to be burned. I think there were four or five truck loads of wood hauled away and still more in the yard.



Don’t throw out those tin tubs laying around. I have planted flowers,tomatoes and peppers in them. I love the way they look. I also invested in a leaf blower because I was tried of sweeping the driveway and carport. Why I didn’t do it sooner I don’t know. It’s wonderful and FAST !

What I forgot to mention was today while working in the back yard I dropped a cement block on my leg. How did I manage that… well I was racking leaf’s around a tree, picked up a cement block and there was a snake. Guess is startled me and I dropped the thing. I won’t tell you what I said but it went something like this ….

OHHHH  $*%&$# #*$&#^@#&^. You get the picture. I was bleeding all over the place and wasn’t sure how bad it was. I went in the house and got some ice and a rag. I stuck my leg in the bathtub and washed it off, but couldn’t stop the bleeding. I picked up the phone and called Dawn(my daughter). “Dawn, can you come over. (I very calmly say) I guess I can, why Mom? I have hurt myself and can’t stop the bleeding. I’m not sure but I might need a stitch. Dawn “OH CRAP” (she talks nicer then I do). I’m on my way. Dawn don’t hurry, I’m not dying!” Turns out that it wasn’t that bad. I torn the skin up good and will have a major burse and a very sore leg for a bit. That’s what happens when ya get old and see a snake…. Actually it all turned out well. I got to see the grandkids and treated them to lunch for coming to my aide.

As for the yard work… It’ll still be there tomorrow. Now I have an excuse to prop up my leg and watch a little TV….

                                                                                             Simply_ me

Quote of the Day:
If you can't beat your computer at scrabble, try kickboxing.


  1. please becareful sis....i don't like when you are hurt....luv....

  2. now you never said there was a snake involved!

    I'm so sick of them things!!!

  3. ugh I hate snakes I would of freaked out and been running around like a crazy person!!!! Sorry you got hurt but heck now with the time you got with the kiddos and you getting to kick back and take it easy cuz you are hurt and all...well isnt life just awesome...hehehe



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