Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Special Father’s day Treat

Most days life is  repetition.  We work, eat, sleep, worry, clean, cook , do laundry, talk on the phone, play on the computer, pay bills , gas up the car, repair things and shop…. but now and then we get a break and do something fun, something special, something different…

jump for joy

This past Friday my SO flew in from Va. He does that about twice a mo, but it had been about a mo sense he had been here. He works for an airline so he can get down here often. The flights were full and there were no open seats for his flight here. We had decided we would  just wait a little longer.  As luck would have it there was a plane in San Antonio that needed fixed, and they asked him to fly down. NO PROBLEM ! This opened a seat up for him. He got in late Friday night. The parts he needed for the plane were sent to San Antonio, but they were the wrong parts. He had to go back to San Antonio Sat and repair the plane. This was ok because I had to work 12 hours that day.

SUNDAY MORNING…. Father’s Day.. he not my baby daddy, but he is a dad. I wanted to do something special, something differant.

SOooooo I treated him to  ……


Neither he or I had been to Sea world in 12 years or more. We had a wonderful day. We saw many shows and got soaked by Shamu. Actually it was better then I expected. It’s hot in Texas already, but the park had many shade tree’s and lots of water rides. We made it home and rehashed the day. We had often talked about going and never made it there. I made his evening gr8 as well , but I won’t share that !!! lol.

Monday, we made some repairs around the house and just hung out  together. That evening we went to a movie and actually , both of us enjoyed it. Today it was time to take him back to the airport, for his return to work in Va.

So in your everyday life, keep in mind that those special things you do with the people you love, would not be special if you got to do them every day. Tomorrow it’s back to work for me as well, and I will keep in mind that anything becomes Special when you share it with those you love…..


Quote of the Day:
To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

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  1. I love this post....its so true....everything becomes special when its done with those we love.....and I think we realize that more and more when our kids start growing and living the house and we dont get to be around then like we used to...makes all those times we are with them that much more special!!!



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