Monday, June 29, 2009

living long enough to be a real concern


Actually this is happening ! A few weeks ago I went to a fast food place here in town and pulled around the corner to find one of these carts at the drive through window. I have to say it was a first for me. What  really scared me was to watch him pull out onto a 4 lane street and go across all 4 lanes. A very busy main street in town. I was holding my breath hoping no one would hit him. Understand everyone has a right to get where they are going. I was thinking they have bicycle lanes in some places. With the growing population of older people (which I am gonna be one soon), perhaps they need to start making cart lanes. Maybe they can add another light to the stoplights for carts.  I wonder what color that would be. I also think they need to lower the drive through windows for these carts. Hey. these are electric, might need to make sure there is a power source handy at your place of business. If not you might be driving someone home.Ya don’t need a licenses  to drive these babies!! This is the new Sr movement to get even for taking our car keys away. I guess this brings new meaning to  be “hell on wheels”…. 

ATT1398119If my kids are reading this , it could be me someday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeping in mind how many times I worried about your driving.. Pay backs or a coming

Quote of the Day:
Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.


  1. Oh yikes...I know what you mean I live in a small town and I have seen some older folks scootin around on these out on the streets scares me to death, Im always hoping that everyone sees them!!!!!!

  2. That's me in a few years. Got to give her credit. Nothing is stopping her.



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