Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ear’s what happen... down at the car wash


Ok, you say she is about to lay something funny on us. (that’s would be your take on it) Personally I wonder why these things happen to me and not someone else ! Yesterday I decided to give my car a really good cleaning. I waited  till later in the evening for it to cool down.  I got the shopvac out, (once again.. see last post). This time I didn’t use it to stand on, I used it to clean out the inside of my car. Then I got some cleaner and wiped down the inside and cleaned the windows.

Feeling very pleased with myself, I got my car keys, which were not locked in the house today. (once again see last post) and headed to town to get gas and go through the carwash.  I got gas with my gas card and it printed me a code for the carwash. I am in luck, no one is ahead of me. Why I think I might have any luck is beyond me.. Positive or wishful thinking I guess.

I pull up to the machine in front of the carwash. I put my code in. It says Invalid . Ok, I admit, I don’t have the cheater glasses on. I take another look, yep same #  I had already put in. I try again. Invalid # it reads once again. Keep in mind this machine talks to you. It welcomes you, ect ..ect. Today it was not talking. I should have known I was not welcomed. I try the # a third time and still nothing. Here’s where things went to hell. The only way out is… you guessed it, go into the carwash and out the other side. After 4 try’s I decide that the only thing left to do was go back around, go inside the store and let them know it wasn’t working and get a refund. I  slowly drove forward and BAM !!!!! I got my hair and ear  washed  as the carwash that wasn’t working decided it was working, and my car window was down !! Ohoooooooo stop laughing, no one got it on video !! If they had I might have gotten my 15 mins of fame !!

I went into the store after getting my hair, ear and car washed and told the girl inside what happen. She said,”We just got it fixed”.  Picture me standing there with wet hair and a cleaner then clean ear , looking ready to shoot her. She takes a good look at me and says. “well maybe not, would you like to leave a note for the manager?” I’m thinking they might want to start selling hair dryers ! “No, I don’t want to leave a note, but if someone drives into that carwash with a Lexus  you might have a real problem.”

I’m just thankful no one was in the other seat to see this happen or I really would have to hurt someone, cause I know they would still be laughing !!!!          

          SIMPLY _it could only happen to _ME

Quote of the Day:
"If any of you cry at my funeral, I'll never speak to you again!"


  1. OMG.....that had to be soooo aggravating!!! And leave a note for the manager??? what is that all you just want your darn refund or the right darn code to punch in!!! GEEZZZ some people!
    the quote cracks me up!!!hehe

  2. oh gosh...
    i am so sorry... but i just HAVE to laugh!!!!!

    things like this happen to me all the time. girlfriend... you are not alone!; )

  3. Aww...that is so funny!Of course the upside to it is that is provided wonderful blog fodder!

  4. I am not smiling as I write this...ok so I lied!!! Well not really as I am laughing my head off!

  5. OK SIS..I'LL TELL YOU OUT AND OUT..THAT IS SOOOO FREAKING FUNNY.....sorry...americas funniest home videos would have loved that one....



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