Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out and back in or is that break in ?

And the story starts out with a phone call. My daughter called and after talking for a few mins we decided to meet in town and go to lunch. I hurry up and dress and head for the door. Oops one min I need to spray something on so that I will smell pretty. Here is where my mistake lies. I lay down my car keys. Now that I smell all girly I head to the door. I check the back door to be sure that is it locked. I head out the front door after locking it. I get into the car and I’m ready to go. WRONG ! No car keys… and no house keys. Better then that no CELL-PHONE  to call anyone for help. I am the worse about a cell phone. I don’t use it often .( almost never as a matter of fact .),and the battery was dead .

Now I am stuck outside in a 100 degree weather !! Ok, I am walking around the house trying to get in and thinking my daughter will come looking for me if I don’t show up, but how long will she wait? I know she will call the house, but how many times before she really gets worried? I’m still looking for a way to get in.

I find a window that is unlocked… YES! I get the screen off and open the window, but there is a small problem. The window is higher then I am tall. How am I going to get in? I don’t have a ladder. I find a lawn chair and try that. Still not high enough. I then get the shopvac out of the storeroom and put it on the chair. I climb up thinking I am gonna fall and break my neck, and if that isn’t bad enough a cop is gonna see me and arrest me for breaking into my own house. I can look in the window now and see that once I get up in the window.. I have to get down on the other side. Well I just can’t picture me going to work with two broken legs, I climb down.

To make this long story shorter, I managed to get the guy next door and his girlfriend to help me get the door open, He had a ladder and she was YOUNG and SKINNY ! Why is it that when you do something stupid someone always finds out ? She gets in the house , walks around and opens the door and tells me my phones ringing… I hear the answering machine saying “Mom, where are you?” Honey, I just needed a few extra moments to break into my house , I’m on my way !

PS: I am getting a house key made today and hiding it outside somewhere. Am I worried about someone finding it? No, if they want to get in they will find a way.. I did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quote of the Day:
"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."


  1. omg...what a story...sounds like my kind of luck!!!! and isnt that just how it goes someone always sees you doing those dumb little things...but where the heck are they when we do something fantastic????? hehe...gave you and your daughter something to talk about over lunch!!!

  2. I am so worried about locking the house with keys still in it that I made a set for outside. I find it much more relaxing to know when I am making pretty that I have backups. Great story been there. Have a great day.

  3. HEY sis, I have a spare key for ya....I'll try to remember to bring it to work thursday..if I can find it.....sorry about your break in..ha...sis

  4. Bless your heart! I have locked myself out of my house and I have locked myself out of my car (love ONstar). It is definitely frustrating!



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