Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Next…

Ok , how do you melt a microwave ? If you read my blog you know that lately I have done nothing but repairing broken things. The heating unit , the pluming, the oven & the new floor.

At last the part for the oven came in and I decided to make a peach cobbler. YUM ! I got everything I needed together and started to work. I needed to melt some butter to throw in the mix. Well I opened the microwave and put the bowl in . I hit the start button and notice the turning plate was wobbling. I hit the stop button to investigate. I see a dark spot in the middle of the plate. I then take the plate out and notice the spindle that it sits on is broken. ?????

My almost daughter –in –law is standing next to me doing dishes . (amazing it itself). I ask, what happen to the microwave ? “Oh” she says,( uh oh I say ) “The other night we put something in there to defrost, and I guess we hit cook instead of defrost.” The spindle didn’t break, it MELTED onto the plate! I am now wondering if they thought I wouldn’t notice cause no one TOLD me.

Keep in mind that I just got this microwave in Dec. ( 4 mo’s ago ).





Me trying not to blow a gasket which would mean I would have something else to fix….      

ME !!!


A small voice says:

I guess we will have to buy you a new one..

  They planned on doing that right after they TOLD me what happen.

RIGHT ?????


Needless to say.. I had two helpings of peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream later !


Quote of the Day:
The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a good discussion.


  1. Way to go...I assume they bought yo a new one?

  2. Mom's a matter of a good relationship..and that's what they need to know. tell them "Buy a new one~ so I won't have hard feelings..the end."

    Love ya

  3. ah calories...the cure for everything!!

  4. Sorry about the micro, but the peach pie sounds wonderful!



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