Saturday, May 16, 2009

My small world w/ big people


DSCN0350 (640x480)

Ok.. no one is holding me.. what’s up with that ?

I know how to change that….

DSCN0353 (640x480)

Are you ready ? Watch a pro at work..

DSCN0355 (480x640)

Hey, I’m getting worked up here!

DSCN0357 (640x480)

Works every time ! And so goes my life as a baby. I know what to do to get picked up. “Mamaw” will come to my aide. She will make things all better… and if she doesn’t there is always Mom and Dad. This being a baby isn’t so bad after all. Now if they would just get me some teeth so I could eat real food my small world would be better.

DSCN0354 (480x640) 




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