Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unseen Plans and Strange Hands


I have a birthday coming this weekend and was reminded of that last one. On my birthday I went to my oldest daughters to spend the weekend with her and my youngest daughter. No kids, not husbands, no boyfriends, just us girls. Here’s now it played out…

It was a weekend to remember. It started with Dawn (my youngest daughter ) coming over with flowers and  a yummy breakfast treat.  Dawn had taken me out  for lunch the day before and later did my hair for me. I was already feeling spoiled.We loaded up the car and headed to San Antonio. My older daughter Charity had planned a surprise for me. I get there and they tell me I have an appointment for a massage. Ok, this sounds good. On the way to the appointment something occurred to me. What if the person doing this isn’t a woman? I had only had one massage in my life and it was done by a woman. I ask the girls if this was a woman that I was about to expose my body to ? I should have know better then to ask. They looked at each other and said “oh Mom. I’m sure it is.” I then told them if it wasn’t I wasn’t going to do this. “Oh yes you are !” I’m starting to worry… We get there and walk in. My daughter tells them I am here for my message and the woman behind the counter says “ Your woman is here.” I turn to see who she is talking to and my worse fear had come true. At this point I say “ I’m not his WOMAN!” My girls give me that “look”, you know the “Don’t embarrass us look.”  Well this “man” and I go into a room that looks like the inside of a whore house as I would picture it (having never been in one myself ). Red drapes, mirrors. soft music. .ect .. ect. (no whips or chains visible). He tells me “I will go out while you undress, you can leave on your underwear if you like.” Ok I’m screwed, there was no where to run..  I wanted to leave on all my clothes and say “Thanks but no thanks.” I know this is a professional man, but I have never had hands on me that I didn’t know who owned them first.

I finally had a talk with myself. “Self just close your eyes and hope that it is over soon, stop being a prude.” All in all it went better then I had thought it would. I walked out and my daughters were both grinning. At the time I didn’t know it was because all the oil he had used had wiped off all my make up and I looked like hell.

Did I mention while on the way over I ask the girls, “have you every had a man give you a massage?” They both said, “Oh yes Mom, it was wonderful!” We get in the car to leave and they look at each other and bust out laughing. Turns out they had  both had a massage by a man…


We then headed out to a nice place to eat dinner. We get there and they inform us there will be an hours wait. No problem, it is in a really nice shopping area and we will wonder around until we are buzzed that our table is waiting. We walk around for a bit then go into A store. I see myself in a mirror for the first time. OMG ! My hair is oily.. my make up is gone .. but I am relaxed right ? We went to a makeup counter and looking around to see who was watching I used the samples to try and repair the damage. It was a sad looking repair job at best, but the dinner was wonderful! After dinner we were headed to a movie, but decided that by now we really were to tired so that idea was put on hold. We ended the day at a book store, with a Starbucks. After checking out a few books we settled into a table with our drink and had girl talk, On looking back it was one of the best birthdays I had ever had. My daughters made it all about me and did it with love. How lucky I am to be the mother of such wonderful women…..         Simply a lucky_me

Quote of the Day:
What single ability do we all have? The ability to change.


  1. Oh man now I feel rotten we aren't doing anything this weekend!

    It was a nice time!

    We love you too mom!

  2. Happy Birthday and take it all in and enjoy.

  3. Daughters can be so special. I have only one and wished I had 10 more just like her. Hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday this year too!

  4. gezz theres a story i havent heard! ill have to get down there and hear the details on this one lol I thought i gave pretty good massages :> well guess ill have to get me some training to be a Professional thanks daughters i know she appreicated that gift now for fathers day can i get one? and no a MAN either lol



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