Friday, May 15, 2009

I have the answer to protecting your health…

Just in case you are worried what to do when the mask run out:


Hopefully this mask is not dirty when you put it on. Look for brown stains first. There are worse things then swine  flue!


For those of you that like to share. You know men are always trying to get into this mask. It’s now acceptable  for your guy to do this in public.


Quote of the Day:
Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from.


  1. LOL....yep, i'd take swine flu over mans pants on my head!!!

  2. that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

    that first picture is like a FEVER DREAM.... all masks are gone and i have to use some sweaty old man's dirty underwear to survive!!! yiiikkes!!!


    yeah... men would be in HEAVEN if women passed around thier bras for masks!!!! men are so easy to entertain, ain't they? lol

  3. oh Im sooo not putting man undies on my face...nope not gonna do it!!!!

  4. pam you simply amaze me with your wit and humor and outlook on live,live laught and love

  5. pam you simply amaze me with your witt and charm and sense of humor live laugh and love



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