Sunday, May 17, 2009

A last min BBQ

Today was one of those days where we slept in and then spent another couple of hours trying to decided what we wanted to do. Go to Sea World… Fiesta Texas… what to do?? After checking on the price of tickets it was decided to forgo the above. We got up late and didn’t feel we would be getting our money’s worth getting such a late start.

It was decided to have a little BBQ… My idea of little is for the family living in this house. It turns out that the little BBQ included 18 people. Which means lots of food. I have been trying to loose a few lbs… Everywhere I look there is FOOD !!!


   I am not gong to look like a french fry or a head of lettuce. More then likely I an going to look like the potato salad I ate today, all soft and mushy.




When it came to clean up today this came to mind. Where are all the guys when it’s time to clean up? It’s like “I BBQ’d  and my job is done.” I seem to remember cooking many means and not getting to walk away later by saying, “I cooked.”

Some things in life will never change… accept it and forget about it….cause fighting it is not going to  make a difference.

Being a little over weight and doing dishes just seems to be a small price to pay for have a house full of friends and lots of good food!

And this was Sunday @ our house.


Quote of the Day:
Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence."

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