Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relax, tomorrow is another day

Astrology - Today's Taurus Horoscope

Here is your Today's Taurus Horoscope

Progress is tough today, so don't get too frustrated if you end up not far from where you started. If you can just blow off the day entirely, you might get a lot more out of just relaxing.

Now you may wonder why I posted my horoscope..

After reading how my day has gone you will understand. I now think I need to listen to what is being said.

Today is wet and cold. We, my sis and I decided to order pizza, you know the kind they bring to the house. How smart is that, we don’t have to go anywhere . I liked this idea….8458F00Z

I decided to order online, not a problem. There would be a 35 to 45 min wait. I can live with this, I won’t starve before then. The doorbell rings and “Yeah”, it’s time to eat. The girl handed me a ticket. I looked at it and it was the wrong price. They hadn’t charged me enough. I’m honest and tell her of the mistake. Turns out she had given me the wrong ticket. With this resolved . I close the door and head to the kitchen. I’m just a min away from heaven or so I thought. I open up the pizza box and took a bit ( I’m starving !) It was then that I realized this is not the pizza I ordered. Not real happy after waiting for 45 mins.

Did I mention that I also ordered cheese bread sticks ? I opened up the box and I had cinnamon bread  with marinara sauce to dip it in. #*%^$%# Get the pictures ?

Someone was fixing to get a ugly phone call. It’s just wrong to mess up a order that bad. I called, ask to speak to the manager. I’m not messing around here.

After explaining what had taken place with a perfectly good  order that had gotten all jacked up, I was asked if I wanted another order to replace the one I had gotten. Do I want to wait 45 more mins ? I think not ! In the end I was given a credit for another pizza and bread sticks. Did I eat the pizza? Well yes, but I just couldn’t talk myself into dipping cinnamon bread into the marinara sauce.

I think it’s time to blow it off and relax !



  1. Now I am hungry!
    So glad you are back! I have missed you!

  2. I found your name at a blog of mine neglected even longer than my 'main' blog. My, the pizza was the wrong one. If this kind of story does not attract comments then what have we got to post? Forgive me for asking, but does your blog title mean that you are 'simple' Surely not.



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